Where does the money go?

How do governments spend our taxes? Are the planned projects actually built? What contracts do governments make to sell their natural wealth? AfricanSpending looks at how we can use data to answer these questions.

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Aid allocation: Projects that help to understand the need for development aid and the types of support already provided.

Extractive industries: Collecting and analyzing data about the ways in which governments raise funds by allowing companies to extract minerals, precious stones and fossil fuels from the ground.

Project monitoring: Monitoring the implementation of government- or aid-funded projects to ensure that they are built, match the contract and serve a valid purpose.



BudgIT is a creative start-up driven to retell the Nigerian budget and public data in a finer detail across every literacy span.

Code for Africa

A network of country-level initiatives that create demand-driven data solutions for media and NGOs.

World Bank

An international finance institution that provides loans to developing countries.

World Bank Institute